Hans Hoyer C23 三调圆号是与 Andre Cazalet 教授,管弦乐演奏家,巴黎高等国立音乐学院极富声望的圆号教授,卓有成效的合作结果。

C23 的丰满音色能很好地与交响乐背景音乐相融合,并且其音准在所有的音域都非常准确,且易于演奏。


  • Key : F/Bb/High F
  • Bore : .468" / 11,90 mm
  • Bell : 12.204" / 310 mm
  • Valves : 7 conical rotary valves, string linkage system
  • Features : Yellow brass body, gold brass lead pipe, 3D adjustable finger hook
  • Options : Gold brass, adjustable hand rest (flipper)
  • Finish : Clear lacquer
  • Outfit : Mouthpiece, rotor oil, slide grease, torx/Alan wrenches, cleaning cloth, lightweight backpack-style case
  • Models :
  • HHC23A-1-0 : Clear lacquer
  • HHC23GA-1-0 : Clear lacquer, gold brass
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