Meister Hans Hoyer 单调圆号由最好的材料制成,同时传承了 200 多年的铜管乐器制造知识。除了明亮和充满活力的音色,它们还能发出管弦乐器全音程的声音。反应和可操作性都让人感觉很轻松,能让演奏者实现成功,同时还能让他们享受圆号演奏的更大乐趣。可调节的手指钩和可调节的手支撑物都是标准的,能达到最佳人体工程学的要求。


  • Key : Bb with A-stop valve
  • Bore : .468" / 11,90 mm
  • Bell : 12.204" hand-hammered medium throat, fixed / 310 mm
  • Valves : 4 conical rotary valves, 3B linkage system
  • Features : Gold brass lead pipe, 3D adjustable pinky hook
  • Finish : Clear lacquer
  • Outfit : Mouthpiece, rotor oil, slide grease, torx/Alan wrenches, cleaning cloth, lightweight backpack-style case included
  • Models :
  • HH704-1-0 : Clear lacquer
  • HH704A-1-0 : Clear lacquer, detachable bell
  • HH706-1-0 : Clear lacquer, with additional F-valve
  • HH706A-1-0 : Clear lacquer, with additional F-valve, detachable bell
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